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Topic Name:-  Gastrointestinal system Part 3

In this quiz, you will get the MCQ on digestive system Anatomy and physiology o. this question helps you in your competitive exams like AIIMS NORCET, DMER, ESIC, RRB STAFF NURSEand other nursing entrance exams. I hope these questions are really helpful and improve your knowledge of nursing.

Today we are going to solve questions on the Gastrointestinal system. I hope this will really help full o our nursing students that are going to nursing school and trying to complete their studies along with this they are trying t study for their nursing competitive exams. this blackgoldcity website really help full to you.

There are 15 questions about digestive system Anatomy and physiology. Each question has four options, for each question one is the correct answer. If you choose the Correct Options the green appears on the correct option if you choose the wrong option a red appearance appears on chosen option please choose the correct option and get improve your knowledge.


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Q1. Inflammation of the gallbladder?

Answer is B)
1) Cholelithiasis:- Inflammation of the gallbladder 2) Cholecystitis:- Gallstone formation is gallbladder 3) Cholangitis:- Inflammation of the bile duct 4) Choledocholithiasis:- Gallstone in the common bile duct.

Q2. The Inflammation of the bile duct?

Answer is A)
The Inflammation of the bile duct is Cholangitis. and other options are explained in Q.1

Q3. Shape of Gallbladder?

Answer is a)
Shape of Gallbladder is Pear shape. list of Pear shape organs:- Gallbladder, uterus, Bladder Shape of is Oval shape Organs:- Ovaries, Testis, Pituitary gland. Shape of Prostate gland is Walnut or Golf ball.

Q4. Capacity of Gallbladder for storage of bile from liver?

Answer is C)
Capacity of Gallbladder is 30-50 ml ( average 50 ml )

Q5. The functional unit of the pancreas?

Answer is A)
The functional unit of the pancreas is Pancreatic acinar cell. Pancreas is both Exocrine(99%) and endocrine Glands(1%). list of Exocrine Pancreatic cells:- Acinar cells, Ductal cells list of Endocrine Pancreatic cells:- Alpha, beta, delta, Gamma cells (PP cells).

Q6. Insulin Produce by which cell of pancreas?

Answer is B)
1) Beta cell:- Insulin 2) Alpha cell:- Glucagon 3) Delta cell:- Somatostatin ( inhibitor of somatotropin or GH, insulin, and glucagon) 4) Gamma cell( PP cell):- Pancreatic polypeptide ( Which causes inhibition of gastrointestinal movement and pancreatic secretion, as well as gallbladder contraction).

Q7. Who stimulate the gallbladder to release bile?

Answer is A)
Cholecystokinin stimulate the gallbladder to release bile. Cholecystokinin and secretin is secreted by the I-cells or enteroendocrine cell. Cholecystokinin also known as pancreozymin. a) Secretin Funtions 1) stimulate to pancreas for release of bicarbonate-rich pancreatic fluid. 2) inhibit stomach for gastric acid secretions from parietal cell. b) Gastrin is secreated by G cell stimulate secretion gastric juice and increase motility of stomach and start secretion of pancreatic juice.

Q8. Most common stone of cholelithiasis?

Answer is A)
Most common stone of cholelithiasis is Cholesterol stone.

Q9. The removal gall bladder?

Answer is D)
1) Cholecystectomy:- The removal gall bladder? 2) Choledocholithotomy:- Incision of the common bile duct for the extraction of an impacted gallstone. 3) Choledochotomy:- Surgical incision into common bile duct to remove bile stone by laparoscopy. 4) Cholecystotomy:- Procedure to stoma is created in the gallbladder, which can facilitate placement of a tube for drainage.

Q10. Which sphincter is controle flow of the Hepatopancreatic duct?

Answer is B)
Sphincter of Oddi is controle flow of the Hepatopancreatic duct.




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